We participate in selected dental plans.  You may either visit your insurance company's web site to see if Dr. Gorman participates in your plan, or you may also email or call us to find out if we participate with your plan.

The fees for your treatment plan will be fully discussed and explained to you before any work is begun.  You may always request a consultation after your initial exam if you feel you need a further explanation of your treatment plan.

If you do not have insurance, then your treatment plan with fees can be discussed at your first appointment.  We can schedule your appointments so that you may begin immediately.

If you have dental insurance, then we will submit the initial exam along with Dr. Gorman's treatment plan to your insurance company.  It takes approximately 4-5 weeks for insurance companies to approve a treatment plan.  Once we receive their reply, then we will call you to explain your financial responsibilities as well as inform you of what your insurance company will cover.  We then will make your appropriate appointments. Our office policy is that we do not schedule appointments until we receive approval for the treatment plan.  That way you will be fully informed as to what you’re out of pocket expense will be before we start treatment.

Our fees are competitive within the area. We do not discuss fees over the phone or by email.   We require a new patient exam to properly diagnose your dental needs before we can give out accurate information.   After the initial exam, then we will gladly discuss the fees involved with your treatment and we can begin planning your treatments immediately.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex as well as checks and cash for your convenience. Payment is expected at the time of your visit, unless you make arrangements in advance with Kerrie, Barbara, or Fran.  Payment plans can be arranged and can be customized for your needs.    


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