What is a Laser?

A laser is a very sophisticated, highly developed piece of technology.  There are numerous sizes and wave lengths for lasers.  Dr. Gorman uses a laser that has been approved for dental procedures, called a diode.  Lasers utilize a tiny, concentrated beam of intense light which sends energy through a tiny fiber into your mouth.  A laser does the same thing that a scalpel does, only much more comfortably and quickly.


How Long Has Dr. Gorman Been Using Laser Therapy?

Dr. Gorman has been using a laser for surgeries for eight years.  In fact, Dr. Gorman has recently purchased the newest laser available for dentistry, called a diode laser.

The laser beam is a beam of light instantly sterilizes the infected gums and seals off blood vessels, which greatly reduces the chances of infection and bleeding.  Other good reasons for using the laser are:

  • Faster healing time has been noted
  • Less time is spent in the dental chair
  • No sutures and packing are required
  • Less post op discomfort when using a laser
  • Laser surgery is very quiet, with no scraping sounds
  • Post op visit after surgery postponed for one month later instead of one week later


Are Lasers Dangerous?

Dr. Gorman has received specialized training in the use of lasers and has safely and successfully been using the laser for over 6 years.  Most patients will agree that the laser is "the way to go" when gum surgery becomes necessary.  The   laser is very low powered, which is necessary for treating the delicate tissues in the mouth.  The only safety equipment needed is protective eye wear.


Do Insurance Companies Cover Laser Surgery?

Insurance companies will usually cover your procedures using the conventional methods of treatment.  However, since the laser is a highly technological advancement, they do NOT cover its use.  You must decide if the additional expense of laser therapy is appropriate for you, as it will add to the cost of your out of pocket expenses.


Conditions that Indicate Laser Therapy:

If you would like to experience the advantages of laser therapy listed above, then laser therapy is for you.  In addition:

 If you are on Coumadin or aspirin and want to significantly decrease bleeding, the laser would be appropriate for you.

If the use of Epinephrine is not recommended because of high blood pressure or if you have an allergic reaction to Epinephrine, then the laser would be beneficial as the use of Novocain is reduced.