Periodontics, Dental Implants & Laser Surgery


Dr. Gorman is gentle and thorough. He and his staff will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. From the calm and quiet atmosphere in our reception area to the soothing environment we have created in our treatment rooms, we can help you feel relaxed and stress free when you come in for your dental appointments. We have a number of ways to make your visit more comfortable. We use Novocain so that you will not feel a thing! We also provide nitrous oxide (sweet air) to help you feel even more relaxed. In addition, Dr. Gorman can prescribe a mild sedative, if needed. Remember, dentistry has come a long way since you were a kid so sit back and relax!

We also have cable TV in our operatories for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Our operatories have been recently replaced with state of the art equipment designed for patient comfort and relaxation. Our operatory chairs are well-padded and comfortable.  You can even bring your iPod!

Dr. Gorman can be reached 24/7 at 631-476-2493, which is his answering service. He will contact you immediately at the number you give to his service.


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At your first visit our staff will strive to put you at ease. Our goal is to help make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you to have a pleasurable experience in our office so that your next visits are stress free.  We are aware that many patients new to our office are very anxious about injections, discomfort, surgery, and the recuperative time involved the procedures Dr. Gorman performs.  We will do everything in our power to make your visits with us as comfortable and stress free as possible!

Dr. Gorman will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.  This involves lightly probing your gums to find out if you have any periodontal pockets or any other dental problems. This does not cause any discomfort and you will feel nothing more than a gentle touch. This appointment lasts approximately one half hour. Dr. Gorman will diagnose any problems he detects. Then a treatment plan will be designed for you. He will also have a consultation with you at this visit to explain how your treatment will proceed and how your problem will be corrected.

If you do not have insurance, then your personalized treatment plan with our fees will be given to you at this visit.  Dr. Gorman will discuss your treatment plan and Kerrie can make your appointments.   If you prefer to return for a second consultation to review your fees and procedures, it can be arranged at your first visit. 

If you have insurance, then we will send your treatment plan to your insurance company with all the appropriate information necessary for approval (x-rays, charting, narratives and pictures). Once we receive your treatment plan approval, we will call you to explain what procedures your insurance company will cover and what your responsibility will be as far as payment of any fees, as per your insurance company. If we participate in your plan, then we will follow your insurance company's guidelines.  Kerrie, our Office Manager, will also make your appointments at this time.

Please keep in your mind that insurance plans do not determine what you need, but rather what procedures they will pay for.  Dr. Gorman, your dental professional, knows the appropriate level of quality care you require.


  • ­­­Your referral slip and x-rays from your referring dentist (if you cannot pick up your x-rays, then they can be mailed to our office.)

  • If you were not referred to our office by your dentist, then you do not need to bring a referral slip.

  • If you have dental insurance, please bring any forms or insurance cards with you to the appointment


If you require emergency treatment, then Dr. Gorman will perform the procedure(s) at this visit.   Please assist us with your initial visit to our office by providing your information.